Got a great story but worried about how your voice sounds?

Your story is best told with your voice, but that can be hard the first time, especially if you don’t like the way your voice sounds.  I can (and do) edit your recording and to cut and fix any little hiccups.  I will make you sound fantastic, so don’t worry about that. However, it can still help to get a few tips on using your voice well.

However, all of these exercises will make you feel ridiculous, so throw your dignity out the window (or just lock yourself in a soundproof closet). First you’ll pant like a dog and blow out imaginary birthday candles; this helps you breathe deeply and powerfully so your voice will sound strong. Then, you’ll practice a lip trill in an exercise that will stop you from slipping into vocal fry when you don’t mean to. Then, things get really fun as you learn to put personality — several personalities — into a dull script. And if that doesn’t work for you,  get in touch, I can always get some other lovely lady to tell your story on your behalf.

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