Want a doctor that makes you feel safe and are not judged?

The Australian Lesbian Medical Association (ALMA) is a network of around one hundred lesbian doctors and medical students from all over Australia. ALMA is contacted frequently by women patients wanting recommendations of a lesbian/bi-friendly doctors and mental health professionals in their area. In response to this need, a group of ALMA members decided to start the DocLIST project.

ALMA are making a list of doctors and mental health professionals that are recommended by lesbians and bisexual women patients all over Australia. Some of these clinicians are themselves lesbian or bisexual, while most are heterosexual but are lesbian/bi-friendly. At the top of the list it clearly states that the clinicians on the list are not necessarily lesbian/bi women. ALMA does not guarantee the quality of the service provided by these professionals. Rather, they have been recommended by lesbian and bisexual women patients patients as doctors or mental health professionals with whom they feel comfortable being open about matters to do with their sexual orientation.

For a doctor or mental health professional to be included on the list, ALMA requires a recommendation from at least one lesbian / bisexual woman (see other criteria below). Once a recommendation is received, ALMA will write to the recommended professional, informing them about the project (without disclosing the person who recommended them) to ask if they consent to be on the list.

So check out the ALMA list and find a recommend doctor in your area.

You can find the full doctor list on the DocLIST Website

Here is a quick list of recommended Doctors in Queensland

General Practice

  • Dr Frances Hill General Practitioner

Broadbeach General Practice‘The Oracle’ Building 6 Charles Ave Broadbeach 4218, Gold CoastTel: (07) 5539 8583Website: Broadbeach General Practice

Fortitude Valley
  • Dr Fiona Bisshop General Practitioner

Holdsworth House116 Robertson St Fortitude Valley 4006Tel: (07) 3894 0794Website: Holdsworth House

  • Dr Julie Blake General Practitioner

Gympie & District Women’s Health Centre21 Alfred St Gympie 4570Tel: (07) 5483 6588special interest in sexual/reproductive health, HIV S100 prescriber

  • Dr Julie Blake General Practitioner

Channon Street Medical Centre12 Reef St Gympie 4570Tel: (07) 5482 1555special interest in sexual/reproductive health, HIV S100 prescriber

  • Dr. Fiona Haines General Practitioner

Healthy Women Medical CentreSuite 1F, 80 Stamford Rd IndooroopillyTel: (07) 3720 2622Website: Healthy Women Medical Centre

  • Dr Kay Strom General Practitioner

Griffith University Health Service Nathan CampusLevel 1 Sewell (N12) W Creek Road Nathan 4111Tel: (07) 3735 7299Website: Griffith University Health Service Nathan CampusUniversity students and staff only

The Gap
  • Dr Marie Cox General Practitioner

Walton Bridge Medical Centre976 Waterworks Rd The Gap 4061Tel: (07) 3300 1900

Wellers Hill
  • Dr Julie O’Brien General Practitioner

Wellers Hill Medical Centre16 Denham Tce Wellers Hill 4121Tel: (07) 3848 2111Website: Wellers Hill Medical Centre

West End
  • Dr Laurel Moore General Practitioner

SmartClinics109 Vulture St West End 4101Tel: (07) 3844 4111Website: SmartClinics

  • Dr Wendell Rosevear General Practitioner

Stonewall Medical Clinic52 Newmarket Rd Windsor 4030Tel: (07) 3857 1222

Other Specialities

Mental Health Professionals

  • Dr Helen Hoey Psychiatrist

Suite 35, Ballow Chambers 121 Wickham Terrace Brisbane 4000Tel: (07) 3832 4241

  • Dr Meg Carley Clincial Psychologist

Suit 34, Ballow Chambers 121 Wickham Terrace Brisbane 4000Tel: (08) 8463 2500

  • Dr Maria Andrzejewski Psychiatrist
  • Dr Diana Whitehead Psychiatrist

Thoughtful Health  1/730 Logan Rd Greenslopes 4120Tel: (07) 3463 0722Website: Thoughtful Health

Spring Hill
  • Dr Diana Whitehead Psychiatrist

101 Wickham Tce Springhill QLD 4000Tel: (07) 3831 2233

West End
  • Ms Anwen King Psychologist

SmartClinics109 Vulture St West End 4101Tel: (07) 3844 4111Website: SmartClinics

  • Ms Jacqueline Hannah Clinical Psychologist

17 Orient Rd YerongaTel: (07) 3342 4258Website: Ms Jacqueline Hannah


  • Dr Regina Wulf Specialist Gynaecologist RANZCOG

Madsen Medical CentreUnit 4, 1-17 Hershel Court Urraween 4655Tel: (07) 4313 1174

Got a great story but worried about how your voice sounds?

Your story is best told with your voice, but that can be hard the first time, especially if you don’t like the way your voice sounds.  I can (and do) edit your recording and to cut and fix any little hiccups.  I will make you sound fantastic, so don’t worry about that. However, it can still help to get a few tips on using your voice well.

However, all of these exercises will make you feel ridiculous, so throw your dignity out the window (or just lock yourself in a soundproof closet). First you’ll pant like a dog and blow out imaginary birthday candles; this helps you breathe deeply and powerfully so your voice will sound strong. Then, you’ll practice a lip trill in an exercise that will stop you from slipping into vocal fry when you don’t mean to. Then, things get really fun as you learn to put personality — several personalities — into a dull script. And if that doesn’t work for you,  get in touch, I can always get some other lovely lady to tell your story on your behalf.

I really like you.

I recently met up with Mikhara Ramsing, the founder of Ethnic LGBT+. Mikhara and I talked about what a healthy relationship looks like and she shared some of the best aspects of her relationship with her partner Elise.  It hasn’t always been easy sailing for Mikhara and Elise, but they have found their way through the many challenges they have faced. In doing so, they have built a relationship on solid and honest communication and mutual respect for each others differences.

Its been especially challenging for Mikhara to navigate her way through her journey with her family from a conservative Indian background. Now, she is helping  other LGBT+ people of ethnic heritage navigate the cultural challenges they may face by being a member of the LGBT+ community.

Listen to Mikhara’s story and head over to Ethnic LGBT+ to find out more.

The music on Mikhara’s story is Lock it – Falling Joys (1990).  You can read about them here, fangirl them here and buy their music here.

Molly and Louise

Kirstie Anders shares her story about Molly and Louise.

Molly & Louise share a relatiosnhip that not only inspires Kirstie, but also played a role in changing the laws in Qld to allow same sex partners of birth mothers be recognised as a parent.